Kaushalya Karnataka Scheme will Train 5 Lakh Youth – Apply Online

Kaushalya Karnataka Scheme

In Mysuru, total 35,271 youths have registered including engineering graduates for training programmes under the Chief Minister’s Kaushalya Karnataka scheme, though the government target was to enrol only 25,000 youth.

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Shaadi Bhagya Yojana Launched by Karnataka Govt.

Financial Assistance Scheme

The Karnataka Government launched a scheme for the minority community known as Shaadi Bhagya Yojana or Bidaai Yojana. Under the scheme, the government promotes mass marriages of the minorities communities. Minorities Affairs Minister Tanveer Sait said that the circular has been already issued across the state to the implementation of the scheme. The minister also said “With mass marriages, it will be easier for the government to keep track of brides and grooms. Couples won’t have to run around seeking benefits.”

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