Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women under Tejasvini Project to start

Tejasvini Project – The Central Government has launched a new project for the development of the condition of the Indian Women. The name of the project if Tejasvini Project. This project brings a new hope to Indian Women.

What is Tejasvini Project

Indian women are facing very challenging conditions today. As each day and night, they have to face new problems. All we can say that condition of women in India is very challenging. All that women want does not matter as they have to kill all their dreams and needs for their men, what they say in each method they have to be agree with it.


The main motto of the project is to enable poor women to make use of choices, spaces and opportunities in the economic, social and political spheres for their improved well-being. It would be achieved through four purposes i.e –

  • In order to create strong and sustainable SHGs and SHG apex organizations who provide their members with economic and social support
  • In order to provide access to savings, credit and insurance services, and build up financial security;
  • Through the Tejaswini Project, opportunities for new and improved livelihood opportunities, with enterprises, established or expanded, and market linkages and support services
  • The Tejaswini Program will provide functional education and social services, labour-saving infrastructure, and participation in local governance. Apart from this, it would aim to support and promote government policies that empower women and develop the capacity of MVV

There are two different levels at Tejasvini Project i.e this will work at two different levels.

• Community Level
• Institutional Level

Tejasvini Project at Community Level  – Under community level regular counseling of the young ladies will be provided under this project. They will be given important information regarding skill education and other to help them.

Tejasvini Project at Institutional Level  – Under institutional level Young Ladies will be provided vocational training and will work with institutional partners. Non-formal education will also be provided under institutional level.

Implementation of Tejasvini Project

Tejasvini project will be implemented in 17 selected districts of Jharkhand and it is expected that atleast 68,000,0 adolescent girls and young girls will benefit from this project.

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