Shaadi Bhagya Yojana Launched by Karnataka Govt.

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The Karnataka Government launched a scheme for the minority community known as Shaadi Bhagya Yojana or Bidaai Yojana. Under the scheme, the government promotes mass marriages of the minorities communities. Minorities Affairs Minister Tanveer Sait said that the circular has been already issued across the state to the implementation of the scheme. The minister also said “With mass marriages, it will be easier for the government to keep track of brides and grooms. Couples won’t have to run around seeking benefits.”

Tanveer Sait said, “When mass marriages are held in any location, the district’s deputy commissioner (DC) is involved. The DC will have to complete the verification process of the bride and groom. Shaadi Bhagya Yojana will help prevent child marriages and cheating cases.” A proper verification will be also occurred to ensure the move.

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All who present in the mass marriage will work as impartial witnesses. The mass marriage will reduce the child marriages. In the mass marriage, the political interference would be minimal, said by the Minister.

Under the scheme, each couple receives 50,000 rupees. According to the source, many congresses workers and supporters of political leaders want to misuse the scheme.

for the successful implementation of the scheme, the department is already looking NGO and individuals who conduct mass marriages for minorities.

Nearly 31,000 applicants apply for the scheme in the last three years but only an average of 23,000 applications are disposed of. it is burdened of the department sort of the total application.


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