Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in Allahabad

In Allahabad about 1.5 lakh people have filled the application forms from the Municipal and Nagar Panchayat areas for the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Applications are filled online and offline. These figures are from March 30. The work of verification of application forms has also been started in the Nagar Panchayat areas. After this, the work of verification in urban areas will start.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the financially vulnerable people who is living in urban and urban panchayat areas,District Urban Development Agency (DUDA) provide assistance to providing housing to such people. However, this work has to be done in a phased manner till 2022. For this scheme about 1.5 lakh application has been received by the DUDA from all the nine Nagar Panchayats, Koronga, Shankargarh, Bharatganj, Sirsa, Mauima, Lalgopalganj, Jhansi and Phulpur of the districts. To verify the application, Vision EIS Consulting Pvt Ltd, Noida has been appointed by the government. This institution has started work in Koram after completing verification of application forms in Mauima and Sirsa. According to DUDA’s Project Manager, Pratima Shrivastav, the list of Beneficiaries will be made after the verification of the applications received from the district. After that, they will be helped to provide accommodation under the rule.

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Eligibility for Beneficiaries

1. There should not be a permanent residence anywhere in the country
2.The annual income for financially vulnerable (EWS) class is up to three lakhs and three lakhs to six lakh for low income (LIG) category.
3. Photocopy of land proprietary records
4. Photocopy of bank passbook
5. Aadhar card photocopy and mobile number

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