PMAY Jharkhand – 40,000 Houses will be Built

Under the PMAY Jharkhand, 40,000 houses will build in the urban areas of Jharkhand, the cost of construction will be 22,00 crores.The government is working on a plan to provide housing for All by 2022. 5.50 lakh rupees will be spent on construction of one house. It was approved in the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. Cabinet Secretary Surendra Singh Meena said the Central Government will give 600 crores rupees and the State Government will also give 600 crore rupees.The remaining 1,000 crore rupees will be taken from the Builders and beneficiaries.

PMAY Jharkhand: Jharkhand State Board of Housing has been approved for amendment in the rules 9 and 10. According to the revised rules 9, those earning between three to six lakh annually will be kept in minor income category. Six to 12 lakh income people have been kept in the middle-income group and more than 12 lakh income people will keep in the high-income class category.

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According to the rule 10, 10 percent land will be given to the all whose land is acquired by the government for the Housing project. Out of those land, they use 8 percent of the land for residence purpose and two percent for commercial purpose. While amending the Rule 7 of the Jharkhand Improvement Trust 2002, the 60-day period has been reduced to 30-day for the petition in the master plan.

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