New Scheme for Development of Drinking Water Supply in the Haryana

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 New Scheme for Development of Drinking Water Supply in the Haryana –

Haryana state government has announced a new scheme for Development of Drinking Water Supply in the state. Under this scheme 84 villages has been selected, implementation will be in 84 villages by the Haryana Central Government. Accordingly this is to provide good quality and healthy, impurity free drinking water to the all people of the state. Under this scheme, healthy drinking water will be provided to people by mean of wells and tube wells.


Under this scheme NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) has also approved 185 financial help, Out of this 85% of the money is for  project cost of its implementation, other to deliver and other practices. The remaining cost will bear by the state government.

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following step were also take during the meeting regarding this scheme .Minister said that besides this, the prospective population of around 10.20 lakh persons in these villages would be benefited with safe drinking water which would have a direct effect in improving the health of the people leading to the development in the socio-economic conditions and the productivity.

This scheme will come as a boom to the state as After the implementation of the project, these villages would be upgraded for drinking water supply at the rate of 70 litres per capita per day.

States that has been selected

Under the scheme in order to tackle the problem of salinity, excess fluoride and non availability of sufficient ground water in the selected 84 villages of Prithala and Palwal blocks of district Palwal and Ballabhgarh block od district Faridabad, the state government of Haryana will implement this scheme.
The Minister of State for Public Health Engineering, Mr. Banwari Lal said that these villages are in two blocks in district Palwal and one block in district Faridabad. The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has approved a financial assistance of Rs 185 Crore as 85% of the project cost for the implementation of the scheme

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