Maternity Benefit Scheme recycled by Modi – Check what’s new

Modi’s recycled Maternity Benefit Scheme must labour for working mothers.

Note that Maternity Benefit Scheme was announced by  Prime Minister Narendra Modi to boost maternal and child health. Under this scheme financial assistance to pregnant women was the main objective.

The benefit under this scheme to pregnant woman is to

(i) supports women who undergo institutional delivery/ and vaccinate their children with Rs 6,000 — the benefit is transferred directly to their bank accounts.

(ii) to reduce the maternal mortality rate and help ensure nutrition before and after delivery.

This Maternity Benefit Scheme was initiated across 650 districts,  As we all know those women who are in organised sector enjoy benefits such as paid maternity leave,  but a major part 90 per cent of India’s women, employed in the unorganized sector, continue working during and after their pregnancies.So maternal benefits under Maternity Benefit Scheme from the government are essential in reducing high infant and maternal mortality rates, and malnutrition.

Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) headed by Maneka Gandhi said the scheme would be extended to all districts, and reach 200 of them in 2016-17 In its response to a petition by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL).

But there are some following terms and conditions have been set to get the benefit for pregnant woman,

(i) woman has to be more than 19 years old

(ii)  women will receive the grant for the first two live births.

This restricted coverage aids only 20 percent of the women in the pilot districts.

Under the scheme entailed an expenditure of Rs 67 crore. The kit worth Rs 1,000 would be gifted to the newborn and had 16 items including essentials for babycare as well as a Sowbhagya Legiyam (herbal paste) to improve the mother’s health.
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