Lucky Grahak Yojana -Make Digital Payment and win Lucky Draw

Lucky Grahak Yojana -Make Digital Payment and win Lucky Draw

Narendra Modi has started a new scheme to promote the cashless digital payment after the big act of demonetization, All this is under Digital India programme. Under this government scheme, Government will provide cash as rewards under lucky draw scheme.This scheme has been named as “Lucky Grahak Yojana” and under this yojana, reward prize money goes up to Rs 1 Crore.  Right now the government is targeting Daily 15,000 people for the lucky draw winner prize. The selection of winners under this scheme will be on the basis of Lucky Draw.Also under this scheme, as it is a government-organized scheme thousand of winners are getting rewarded daily.The Lucky Grahak Yojana is a big scheme. Under this scheme, the government is spending Rs 340 Cr for this digital payment lucky draw.

Types of Rewards you can get for Digital Payment

Under Lucky Grahak Yojana there is various kind of prizes you can win on the basis of the lucky draw after you make digital payment. Also with types, there are three categories of prizes such as –

  • Daily Prize
  • Weekly Prize
  • Mega Prize

There are various types of prizes under this Lucky Grahak Yojana. There would be daily prizes, weekly prizes, and Mega prize.

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Daily Prize To Lucky Consumer

  • Daily 15,000 people would get the prize
  • Every person would get Rs 1000.
  • The Prize would be given for 100 days

Weekly Prize

Weekly prizes worth Rs 1 lakh, Rs 10,000 and Rs. 5000 for Consumers. Some details are awaited in this regard. 

Mega Prize

The Mega draw would happen on 14th April, on the day of Ambedkar Jayanti.

  • 3 Mega Prizes would be given
  • The first prize would be of Rs 1 Crore
  • Second prize is Rs 50 Lacs
  • and Third prize is Rs 25 Lacs

Also, there is a Lucky Winners of Each Category

Also, a lucky winner will be selected from all the above three categories which will get prize

There are a fixed number of the winner in each category.

Mode of TransactionsDaily Winners
RuPay Card11,900
USSD *99#100

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lucky grahak yojana लकी ग्राहक योजना

Check if you are Eligible For Lucky Grahak Yojana

These prizes and given category would be given to those consumers who pay using the cashless mode/digital payment.

Note- the prize is for the consumer. It means you have to pay for a service or product.

The payment should be done from any of the following modes.

  1. Unified Payment Interface (UPI) –  A mobile-based app for the digital payment.  Most of the banks have combined the UPI to their existing mobile apps. Some banks have alone UPI apps such as SBI Pay, PNB UPI, Axis Pay, PhonePay.
  2. USSD *99# Banking – You can pay without smartphone with the dial *99#. This is designed for the feature phone users, it will work without smartphone or internet. For payment dial *99# and follow the simple steps.
  3. Adhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) – This payment system based on Aadhar identification. There is no use of phone, internet or signature for payment the only Aadhar Number and fingerprint is required. The merchant will use the AEPS with a micro-ATM to get payment.
  4. Rupay Card –  This is the just like Visa and Mastercard. Bank may use the card as debit or credit card.  This payment gateway is designed and development by the NPCI. Jan Dhan Account holders get the card as the debit card.

Only those users who use the phone and pay through the UPI model will be eligible for the lucky draw. The payment through digital wallet who have integrated the UPI itself is not eligible for the scheme such as Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge etc.

Check lisy of payment which are elegible or not

Lucky Grahak Yojana eligibility of transaction
Digital WalletsPaytm, Freecharge, Phone, MobiquikNo
UPI AppsSBI Pay, iMobile, pockets, chiller, PNB UPI,Yes
UPI in WalletsPhonepay, FreechargeYes
USSDAvailable to all mobile banking customersYes
AEPSTransaction Through Micro ATMYes
Rupay CardJan dhan account holders have this cardYes
Master, Visa, MaestroAll credit cards have this type of cardsNo
Net BankingNo

Time Limits of Transaction

All the digital payment which is done from November 8, 2016, to April 13, 2017, is eligible for the Lucky draw.

This is started from 25 December 2016. The scheme would go on for 100 days.

Digi Dhan - Lucky Draw digital Payment

Limit of Amount for Lucky Draw

In the scheme, the upper limit of transactions is given due to is designed to promote digital payment in lower and middle class.

  • The digital and card payments between Rs 50/ to Rs 3000/ would be eligible for lucky draw scheme.
  •  All the transaction between Rs 50/ to Rs 3000/ is eligible for the draw. if you pay between this limit, you have the chance to win the lucky draw.

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