Krishi Bhagya Scheme Karnataka – A Welfare Scheme for Farmers in Karnataka

Krishi Bhagya Scheme Karnataka

In order to achieve revolutionary change in Karnataka’s farm sector, the state Government of Karnataka has launched scheme named Krishi Bhagya Scheme. In the Karnataka, 70% farmers depend on rainwater for their crops. These rains fed fields don’t have any form of assured irrigation during the dry period. Famers could not able to get an adequate amount of water during their crucial time of crops.

The total losses or lower yields reduce rain-fed farming to an unsustainable proportion. This un-sustainability pushes some farmers out of agriculture itself. Under this scheme, the government commits to transforming agricultural sector by increasing farm productivity, infusion of new technology & equipment, sustainable agriculture practices and better water management & irrigation facilities in the state.

Features of Krishi Bhagya Scheme:

  • the government provides machinery at affordable rents to farmers. Farm machinery includes tractors, tillers, cultivators, diggers etc
  • 183 Farm machinery and equipment hiring centers already established all over the Karnataka state and more than 278 new centers open soon
  • Bhoochethana&BhooSamruddhiProgramme to rejuvenate soil health and water management has entered its third phase in Karnataka. Farmers who adopted this program helps huge gain in agriculture sector
  • Farm ponds for rainwater harvesting in the farm
  • KrishiMela’s are being held in every district to educate farmers on the latest developments in agriculture both in terms of practice and technology
  • KrishiMela’s helps farmers to provide information on post-harvest technology, seed processing, soil & water conservation practices, organic farming, greenhouse technology and farm machinery
  • In KrishiMela’s, farmers also get information about technical, financial and other supports offered by the Government under various schemes

Create awareness amongst the farming community

The benefit of Krishi Bhagya Scheme:

  • Increasing farm productivity
  • Infusion of new technology & equipment
  • Sustainable agriculture practices
  • Better water management & irrigation facilities
  • This scheme helps to rain-fed farmers

The water harvested in the pond helps farmer to protect the crops when there is no rain

How to apply for Krishi Bhagya Scheme:

  • Farmer should visit agriculture department related to Taluka/districts in Karnataka

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  1. My uncle is uneducated farmer and has no updates
    in his village and please assist me how can be the chief minister’s schemes for helping farmers can be utilised so that i can help my uncle and his sorrounding fellow villagers.
    SHANWAZ Anwer surveyor srirangapatna
    I want to help my uncle and village people also to educate them fully.

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