How to Book Cheapest Ticket under UDAN Scheme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Shimla today launched UDAN Scheme. He announced that Himachal has a special focus on strengthening tourism. During the launch, he said – ” I have taken the file of the Railway Project, which has been delayed for 30 years in Una, again. The flight plan has laid the foundation for new work in India. Himachal is also waiting for the age of honesty. During this time, the PM hit out at Virbhadra Singh for his hard work.

Himachal needs special attention – PM Modi

Modi said that now the time has changed. Now Uttar Pradesh’s air is coming in Himachal. The wind of Uttarakhand and the fresh air of Delhi is also coming to Himachal”.
He said that those who looted the poor, they will have to return to the poor, then I will not sit still. The common man of the country wants to move forward honestly. In the world, India has gained momentum in the fast moving economy. Farmers will be provided security.

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He also said – “Farmers will be provided security, two rupees of a farmer and 98 government. If you do not have to sow, you will also get the benefit. Himachal’s fruit growers will benefit. The cold drink will require five percent juice of juice. Talks with companies in this regard.”

Pm Modi tells people – “Every center centric scheme is related to the hit of some group. Soil planning benefited 35 million youth. There is a Ujjwala scheme for women. There will not be any confession for gas connections. Earlier, women and children were absent from smoke. There is a goal of reaching 5 million families in three years. Increase digital transactions after the note-offs. It will also help Himachal, Tourism will help. Use Bhim App. There is a huge transaction on every store hotel. Income from tourism with low capital investment is possible. I have eaten the salt of Himachal, so you have more power over me.”

During this, Modi also referred to One Rank One Pension.
Modi started the speech from Bharat Mata’s Jai. Modi said that Himachal Devboomi too, Veerabhumi too, land of heroic mothers that gave birth to brave soldiers. Old memories are fresh in coming to Himachal.

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