The Delhi Master Plan-2041 – Complete Details

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The Delhi Development Authority has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) to prepare Delhi Master Plan-2041 to change the planning philosophy. The new guiding frame work of the planning and growth of Delhi till 2041 is “enabling strategic plan and other related policies/plans.”

Displacing people is not an option so the redevelopment aspect of the Master Plan Delhi -2021 didn’t work. The Delhi Master Plan-2021 has mainly highlighted the need for well-planned shelter and housing for “different categories of inhabitants of the city but the main challenges of the implement of the plan were unauthorized colonies and squatter/Jhuggi settlements, told an official of the DDA.

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In the MPD-2021, increase the population-holding capacity of the area within the existing urban limits through redevelopment. The current plan emphasized the extension urban areas and the present urban limits to the extent necessary. The new master plan of the Delhi comprises four phases, the new plan includes building a base line quantitative understanding of Delhi at the local and regional levels.

A senior DDA planning official said, “Due to large \scale migration, several areas in Delhi have developed in an unplanned manner. Deficiency of services was not met by zonal control of development. Additionally, technology has shrunk space, so people’s space needs have changed.” The new master plan is also based on the shifting ground realities and policy misfits. In the new plan will address all the concern with regards to the current plan.

In the Delhi Master Plan-2041 covers both traditional sectors and emerging sectors such as culture, heritage and disaster management. In the new Master Plan Delhi is expected to provide the framework for sectoral planning, recommended interventions and impact with in the sector. In the new plan for the development of  Delhi is based on the needs of the local and regional level of Delhi.

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