Boost in AMRUT scheme Central government finally passed investment for 6 states.

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Good news as new Budget that have been passed has launched as boom for people under AMRUT scheme. After presenting current financial year budget 2017-18 by our Finance Minster Mr Arun Jaitely , the Ministry of Urban Development has approved an investment for six states to improve basic urban infrastructure for the next three financial years, 2017-20, under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT).

Decisions made by Central Government Under Union Budget 2017 – 2018


  1. Central government has approved investment for six states under AMRUT scheme.
  2. A total investment of Rs 2,863 crore for 42 mission will be done in six states selected under AMRUT Scheme.
  3. An assistance of Rs.1,432 crore will also be provided by the Central government to improve the water taps to all urban households besides increasing water supply to the normative 135 litres per head per day, improving sewerage and drainage networks, promoting non-motorised transport and development of parks and green spaces.

According to the reports, these selected six states has got a chunk of the amount with central assistance.

 State  Investment  Central Assistance
 Karnataka  Rs. 2,070 crore  Rs.955 crore
 Jharkhand  Rs. 555 crore  Rs. 262 crore
 Himachal Pradesh  Rs. 115 crore  Rs. 103 crore
 Arunachal Pradesh  Rs. 53 crore  Rs. 47 crore
 Nagaland  Rs. 45 crore  Rs. 41 crore
 Puducherry  Rs. 24 crore
  • Of these selected states, the Karnataka state has got 27 mission cities while Jharkhand has 7 mission cities and Himachal Pradesh has two cities.

According to the officials, the total investments of AMRUT approved for the five years mission during the period of 2019-20.

  • Karnataka- Rs 4,971 crore,
  • Jharkhand-Rs 1,246 crore,
  • Himachal Pradesh- Rs 375 crore,
  • Arunachal Pradesh-Rs 141 crore,
  • Nagaland-Rs 120 crore
  • Puducherry-Rs 65 crore.

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