Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana launched by Jharkhand Government

Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana launched by Jharkhand Government

A scheme has recently launched by Jharkhand State Government  named ‘Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana’. Umder this scheme various care taking process  been offered to the infants and the new mother across the state.

How to get Benefit under Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana

Under  Bal Garib Samridhhi by which state’s new mother and the newborn infants will get benefited. The scheme will offer essential assistance to the targeted beneficiaries who are the apparently to be poor and also for those who gets dominated or treated ill by the powerful people of the society.

Quick details about the scheme
  • Name of the scheme –  Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana
  • Launched by – Jharkhand State Government
  • Beneficiaries will be infant baby and mother

On the occasion of meeting Chief Minister Raghubar Das addressed the public during the launching event of the scheme at the conference meeting arrange by the state high court and the state department of the women and child development.
If we witness the government plans and scheme which are introduced in recent time, it can understandable that the central government is keen on providing better welfare for the women and children across the nation. There have been several schemes which offer financial assistance to the newborn infants and also for new mothers with the intention of making their financial abilities to intake the nutrients foods.


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