Central Govt. launches Aajeevika Gramin Express Yojana

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The central government is going to launch a scheme named Aajeevika Gramin Express Yojana (AGEY), the scheme is under the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Rural Livelihood Mission (DAY-NRLM). Under the scheme, the government will provide the loan to the self-help group to buy the vehicles. In the scheme, the self-help group will operate the road transport service in rural areas. The scheme will help to provide safe, affordable transport service to connect villages. This scheme will also help for over all development of the rural areas. The feature of the service is villagers will be able to access to markets, education, and health easily and comfortable.

In the scheme, the government will be provided the interest-free loan to the beneficiary Self Help Group through the Community Based Organization (CBO) from Community Investment Fund (CIF) up to Rs 6.50 lakh for purchase of the vehicles.  Under Day-NRLM the Community Investment Fund (CIF)  authorized to Community Based Organization (CBOs) to support the SHG members in this livelihoods mission.

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The scheme will be implemented on the pilot project in 250 blocks in the country. In the scheme, each block will provide up to 6 vehicles to operate the transport service. In the current 52 blocks in 8 states approved for the scheme namely Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttarakhand and West Bengal. The total estimate of the scheme is Rs 16.06 crore of which the Government of India share would be Rs 10.16 crore and the remaining balance would be provided by the state.

The state will select the blocks where NRLM is being implemented and the CBOs are already in function. The government will select the blocks and routes in view the backwardness, lack of transportations links and sustainability of service. The State Rural Livelihood Mission (SRLMs) will do a study to identify the routes and the number and capacity of vehicles which can be operated. The report will be sent to the technical organization to select. The beneficiary purchase either e-rickshaw, 3 wheeler or 4 wheeler with at a cost of Rs 6.50 lakh.

Selection of beneficiaries

The beneficiary will be select through a transparent processing from the poverty status based on SECC data and capability of the member to operate the service.

Required of Selection of Aajeevika Gramin Express Yojana

  • The member of SHG must be literate
  • The member have valid driving license to drive the vehicles
  • One of the family members of the SHG member should have valid driving license.
  • The salary of the driver shall be borne by the SHG member out of earning.

Key feature of Aajeevika Gramin Express Yojana

  • The vehicle will be financed by the Community Based Organisations (CBOs).The vehicle will be purchased and owned by CBO and leased to SHG member.
  • The beneficiary SHG member will operate the vehicle on selected route and will pay a monthly lease rental to the CBO.
  • Interest will not be charged while recovering the cost through lease rental.
  • Annual cost of insurance, road tax, permit cost and maintenance cost including replacement of tires would be borne by the CBO
  •  The running cost of the vehicle and routine maintenance such as fuel, oil, engine oil, servicing etc.  shall be borne by the SHG member.

The decision regarding the ownership of the vehicle after the cost of the vehicle is fully paid up through lease rental will be taken by the CBO which may include the transfer of ownership of the vehicle to the SHG member for a consideration or sale of the vehicle to any other person.




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