30,000 discount on Rs 1,00,000 under Nijer Payr Dara Scheme

Now under “Nijer Paye Dara Scheme” one can get a benefit of Rs 30,000 on Rs 1 lakh as you have to return only 70,000 rs from 1 lakh . This scheme has been introduced by Sadhan Pande, West Bengal Self-Help Group and Self-Employment Minister. This is a  unique loan scheme named ‘Nijer Paye Dara Scheme‘ for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME).

What is Nijer Paye Dara Scheme

Under this scheme, if any people wants to take loan for his / her business under this scheme he or she will get a 30,000 off, That mean if you take a loan of Rs 1 lakh than you will only have to pay Rs 70,000 only. This is basically for an MSME entrepreneur will need to pay back only Rs 70,000 if he or she takes a loan of Rs 1 lakh to start a business!

According to news this scheme will be introduced in the financial year 2017-18. Main aim of this scheme is primarily at youngsters in rural areas, many of whom have been flocking to the cities to earn a living.

Motive of Nijer Paye Dara Scheme

The main motto of the scheme is –

  1. to increase self-employment.
  2. to reduce unemployment.
  3. to reduce the stress on urban centers people from villages flock to for livelihood opportunities.
  4. It also encourages rural art and handicraft, besides promoting businesses whose products and services cater predominantly to village folk or local residents.

Benefits of the Nijer Paye Dara Scheme

These are the following benefits that a common person get from the scheme.

——>   the loan has to be availed from the bank through only the Self Help Group and Self-Employment Ministry. In that case, the person availing the loan will need to pay back only Rs 70,000 for every Rs 1 lakh borrowed, with the remaining Rs 30,000 coming from the West Bengal government in the form of a grant.

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